Dodgeball at Altitude Franklin

We have a radical, new twist on the old game:

  • Get a full-body workout ducking, dodging, and diving in our high-tech trampoline courts!
  • Move the ball and yourself in 3-dimensions!
  • Bound and rebound between the trampoline floor and the trampoline walls!
  • Give your body a new freedom of movement not possible with games played on fixed courts!
  • Best of all? The price of playing dodgeball at Altitude is FREE with the purchase of a general admission ticket!

Ways To Play:

  • Practice in any available dodgeball court throughout the day
  • Come alone or bring friends and start or enter a pick-up game
  • Rent a dodgeball court for a private party

Our dodgeball courts are monitored by our highly-trained court monitor staff for your safety.

When Can I Play?

Dodgeball courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis from open till close at Altitude though courts are sometimes reserved for private group events.

We’ll always do our best to get a game of dodgeball going. However, since dodgeball is subject to court availability and the willingness of others in your age group to play, we can’t guarantee dodgeball with the purchase of general admission.

Rules of Play for Trampoline Dodgeball at Altitude Franklin


Dodgeball begins with two teams on opposite sides of the court. Six balls are placed on the center line. When the game start is called, players rush to retrieve the 3 balls on their right. The object in dodgeball is to eliminate the players on the opposing team by getting them “out.” You can get a player out by hitting them with a live ball or by catching a live ball your opponent throws at you. A ball is “live” as soon as it’s thrown.

Illegal Moves

  • You can’t throw a head shot (a ball thrown at the head.)
  • You can’t cross the center line. (It’s okay to step on, but not over the divider pad.)
  • You can’t hold a ball for more than 10 seconds.
  • You can’t drop a ball you used to deflect another ball.
  • You can’t move into a ball that strikes the top or back of the head.
  • You can’t kick a ball.

If you perform an illegal move, you’ll be called out. You may not return to a game after being called out. If you’re called “out,” wrap your hands around your head and ears while leaving the court. You may catch the ball with any part of the body. A dodgeball is “dead” when it hits anything besides a player or hits a player without being caught.


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